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    Prosper Maufoux offers a whole range of experiences to share at Château de Saint-Aubin.

    Tastings, visits to the vineyards and the cellars, an exploration of the Grands Crus terroirs and their finest wines : Discover the viticultural expertise of Prosper Maufoux , and the secrets and intricacies of making fine wines.

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    Beaune : 19 kms - 25 min
    Chalon-sur-Saône :  25 kms - 30 min
    Dijon :  64 kms - 55 min 

    Rully et la Côte Chalonnaise

    André Delorme: Côte Chalonnaise's great wines & Crémants de Bourgogne

    Maison André Delorme is a specialist in the Côte Chalonnaise appellations (Rully, Givry, Mercurey, Montagny, Bouzeron) and is also a producer of Crémants de Bourgogne. 

    André Delorme invites you to visit its cellars carved out of the rock, discover how Crémant de Bourgogne is made, and taste a selection of wines from the 25 appellations it offers. 



    The Hospices de Beaune

    Set in the centre of Burgundy's vineyards, Beaune was the site of the parliament in the Middle Ages and the Dukes of Burgundy's residence until the 14th century. Today it is the capital of Burgundy wines and a City of Art and History, filled with charm. With its rich historical and architectural heritage, Beaune is renowned for the Hôtel Dieu, the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame, its wines and its world-famous Wine Auction, held on the third Sunday of November. The Hôtel Dieu, Beaune's precious pearl, will amaze you with its impressive architecture, its history, its collection of 5,000 objects and its very famous polyptych of the Last Judgement by Rogier van der Weyden. 

    Gourmet Tours: Vive la Bourgogne (The Burgundy Experience)

    The Moutarderie Fallot mustard in Beaune

    The Moutarderie Fallot mustard mill invites you to discover this legendary condiment through two entertaining interactive tours:

    • The "Découvertes" tour will introduce you to the actions and traditions linked to mustard and its history;

    • The "Sensations Fortes" tour will show you the actual steps in its production.

    Gourmet Tours: Vive la Bourgogne (The Burgundy Experience)

    Mulot & Petitjean gingerbread, Dijon

    Established in 1796, Mulot & Petitjean continues Dijon's long tradition of gingerbread bakers. Two sites to bring back childhood food memories:

    • The historic shop in the Catin de Richemont mansion, where you can learn of the history of gingerbread and how it is made;

    • The Bourgogne Street shop, right in the centre of Dijon, where you can learn the history of the great family businesses that have preserved traditional skills and know-how (gingerbread, crème de cassis, mustard, Flavigny aniseed, etc.). And, where of course, you can enjoy a commented tasting session and obtain some recipe ideas.

    Gourmet Tours: Vive la Bourgogne (The Burgundy Experience)

    Fromagerie Gaugry

    The Gaugry family, cheese-makers since 1946, invite you to share their passion, expertise and experience. From its special visitors' gallery you can discover each step in the process producing cheeses such as Epoisses, Ami du Chambertin, etc.

    Gourmet Tours: Vive la Bourgogne (The Burgundy Experience)

    L'Or des Valois: Burgundy truffles

    Installed in the outbuildings of the Château d'Entre-Deux-Monts, the company L'Or des Valois offers an introduction to the truffle and truffle-growing. While the dogs work, we will tell you about the life cycle of this amazing fungus, and how a truffle farm operates. The Château's owner will tell you about the site's history and the architecture of the buildings, built between the 13th and 17th century. At the end of this visit, we offer an extensive tasting session or a meal containing products based on the Burgundy Truffle and sold by the L'Or des Valois shop.

    Gourmet Tours: Vive la Bourgogne (The Burgundy Experience)

    The Cassissium

    Discover all the secrets of making crème de cassis in a guided tour of the Vedrenne production site, with its museographic and multimedia area.

    You can also enjoy tasting from our selection of crème de cassis, liqueurs, Burgundy aperitifs, eau de vie, etc. and a range of 40 syrups!

    Gourmet Tours: Vive la Bourgogne (The Burgundy Experience)

    Les anis de Flavigny

    Welcome to the land of Aniseed, welcome to Flavigny!

    Our sweet conceals an aniseed in its centre. So come and discover its long, fascinating history. (Free visit)